Officers and Leaders


Deacon Ministry

Servant Leader, Deacon Fred R. Blanton Jr.

Assistant Leader, Deacon Wilbur Lewis Sr.

Deacon Alto King Sr,

Deacon Alto King Jr.

Deacon Erik Johnson Sr.

Deacon Robert Lewis Sr.

Deacon Gerald Jones

Deacon Samuel Streeter

Deacon Lionel Hueston

Deaconess Ministry

Servant Leader, Sister Leslee Jones

Asst. Leader, Sister Terri King

Secretary, Terry King

Sister Lillie Washington

Sister Helen Jones

Sister Odestia Lewis

Sister Luvenia King

Sister Sonya Johnson

Trustee Ministry

Co-Servant Leader, Brother Kevin Hueston

Co-Servant Leader, Brother Phillip Barry

Brother Joe Anderson

Brother Donnell Haskins

Sister Ann Hughes

Brother Morris Hutt

Sister Barbara Lytle

Sister Bertha Douglas

Brother West Bibbs

Brother Maurice Sturdivant

Sister Jennifer Lewis

Sister Angela Washington

Brother Marshall Thompson

Sister Stacey Blanton

Sister Cheryl Bush

Finance Ministry

Servant Leader, Sister Diana Minor

Sister Veronica Douglas

Deacon Alto King Jr

Deacon Erik Johnson

Deacon Wilbur Lewis Sr

Christian Education Ministry

Director, Sister Pamela Bush-King

Sister Eddye Mabrey

Sister Sylvia Jones

Spiritual Growth Convocation

Dean, Sister Gail Hueston

                  Assistant Dean, Brother Jesse Matthews                

Church Mothers

Mother Hester Streeter

Mother Evelena Shinaul

Mother Maurice Briggs

Mother Norma Lewis

Mother Leona Denton

Pastors Aide

Servant Leader, Deaconess Odestia Lewis

Asst. Leader, Deaconess Lillie Washington

Nurses Ministry

Servant Leader, Sister Stacey Blanton

Asst. Leader, Sister Lora Vell Blanton

Secretary, Sister Marcia Morrison

Secretary, Sister Shawnay Thompkins

Adult Choir

Minister of Music, Brother Alvin Jones

Caring Ministry

Servant Leader, Sister Carol Shinaul

Asst. Leader, Sister Linda Payne

Secretary, Sister Phyllis Washington

ospitality Ministry

Servant Leader, Sister Sandra Anderson

Food Pantry

Supervisor, Deacon Alto King Sr.

Security Ministry

Servant Leader, Brother West Bibbs

Assistant Servant Leader, Sister Veronica Norwood

Usher Ministry

Servant Leader, Sister Dorothy Barry

Junior Church Ministry

Servant Leader, Brother Maurice Sturdivant

Assistant Servant Leader, Sister Jasmine Blanton